Photo: Roman Didkivskyi/Getty Images

The CDC released a statement today stating that the U.S. has seem 695 measles cases this year, which bests the previous record of 667 cases back in 2014. It was worth noting that we are only in April. “The high number of cases in 2019 is primarily the result of a few large outbreaks – one in Washington State and two large outbreaks in New York that started in late 2018,” the CDC said.

The CDC also said that ongoing outbreaks in New York City and New York State are among the largest and longest lasting since measles elimination in 2000.” The agency warned, “The longer these outbreaks continue, the greater the chance measles will again get a sustained foothold in the United States.”

Many factors have contributed to the increased numbers including outbreaks being imported to the U.S. by travelers from regions where outbreaks are more prevalent such as Ukraine and Israel.