Photo: Buero Monaco/Getty Images

The Trump administration today announced new rules that makes it easier for religious healthcare workers to object to providing care and services like abortions and sterilizations that conflict with their religious beliefs. The rule will go into effect in 60 days from its final publication and will be enforced by the HHS’ Office of Civil Rights.

Notable Quotes:
“[The administration] will stop at nothing to strip patients of the care they deserve. This rule allows anyone from a doctor to a receptionist to entities like hospitals and pharmacies to deny a patient critical – and sometimes lifesaving – care. Personal beliefs should never determine the care a patient receives. This is a vicious and underhanded attack on the health and lives of patients, particularly targeting women and LGBTQ individuals. We will fight against it until all patients get the care they deserve.”
— Fatima Goss Graves, president and CEO of the National Women’s Law Center