Ambulnz, a startup bringing to market ambulances for non-emergency situations, has filed initial paperwork with the SEC to raise $90 million USD in outside funding. This is a huge raise for a company that hasn’t really clarified how it will operate. According to their website, they are transforming medical transportation through disruptive technology and better compensation for EMTs. It’s unclear how they will work with insurers.

Disruptive yet expensive:

  • An Ambulnz representative stated its standard rides were $350 plus $10 per mile. If a nurse is needed on board, it goes to $850 plus the mileage. The representative said the company “expects payment upfront,” but rates could depend on insurance.
  • Ambulnz’s rates are well above the $225 Medicare pays for basic non-emergency ambulance transports. And even higher above what an Uber or Lyft ride would likely cost
  • The company’s fees are tied to a “local market rate card” and “available upon request.”

 Final word:

As with anything else in healthcare right now, the market is prime for disruption. If Ambulnz can get their costs down and work with insurance companies this could be a major game changer for the industry for non-emergency situations.