Image: Aleutie / Getty Images

Health at Scale, a startup dedicated to “bringing precision delivery to precision medicine”, has announced that they have locked up a $16 million USD Series A raise. Optum, which is a part of the United Health Group umbrella was the sole investor.

The backstory: The idea is to make treatment decisions more data driven. Not sharing where the data is directly coming from, the startup claims to have collected information from patients with certain conditions, to doctors who treat that condition to facilities where the treatments take place.

Notable Quotes: “We are a machine learning shop, and we focus on what I would describe as precision delivery. So in other words, we look at this question of how do we match patients to the right treatments, by the right providers, at the right time.” – Zeeshan Syed, Health at Scale CEO

Final word: Founded in 2015, the company now has 11 employees and intends on using the funds to build out sales and marketing to bring their solution to a wider consumer base.