Gozio Health, the developer of a mobile wayfinding and patient engagement platform for healthcare systems, has inked a startegic alliance with AT& that will help to bring its services to more hospitals.

To assist patients traverse large or complex medical campuses, Gozio deploys an automated robot to navigate the halls and begin constructing a digital map of the facility. From there, the company programs an interactive map that, according to the company, can track a patient’s mobile device with an indoor accuracy of up to four feet.

Why this matters: Patient experience is at the top of everyone’s to do list. With hospitals looking to earn and build trust, these types of services will only help to foster a better patient/provider relationship thus reducing confusion of patients’ visits.

Notable Quotes: “Together with Gozio, we can help healthcare customers improve patient outcomes by engaging our collective capabilities in connectivity and data analytics.” – Rod Cruz, general manager of healthcare industry solutions at AT&T