Amid mounting concerns surrounding Facebook’s health data-sharing practices, the tech giant may have found a niche in healthcare that doesn’t center around sharing patient’s sensitive health information, per Fortune.

Why this matters: Because public health groups are racing to rein in the spread of diseases like measles, Facebook might have found a way to expand its list of healthcare partners: Facebook previously sought out partnerships with hospitals to match user data with patient data, but hit pause on the project when the Cambridge Analytica scandal emerged in March 2018.

Broad view: Facebook’s introducing disease prevention maps that compile data from the US Census Bureau and information from Facebook users — like location, which allows access to users’ movement in real time. But access to the maps is restricted to the project’s list of 13 health partners, which includes Harvard School of Public Health and UNICEF.

Notable quotes: “We wanted to create tools that could offer substantial life-saving insights.” – Laura McGorman, policy lead of Facebook’s Data for Good team