New York- and Israel-based telehealth company Tyto Care — which makes a handheld examination device that enables remote diagnoses of medical issues — has made its way onto top electronic health (EHR) vendor Epic’s app marketplace, dubbed App Orchard.

Tyto Care’s integration with App Orchard should make for a streamlined virtual care experience for patients and physicians alike: Patients can easily hop into a virtual visit via their Epic patient-facing app MyChart, and doctors can complete the visit and transfer data right into patients’ EHRs.

Very few of App Orchard’s 130-some-odd apps were developed by telemedicine companies, per MobiHealth Hews, so Tyto Care’s solution could become a go-to for doctors who work with the 58% of large US hospitals tied up with Epic. And it’s likely physicians will be swayed to adopt efficient telehealth solutions: Consumer appetite for digital health tools is swelling, and nearly all patients would consider jumping ship to another provider if they’re not content with current doctors’ digital offerings.