As expected, the keynote event of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on Monday featured a number of announcements that underscored the tech giant’s focus on healthcare.

Here’s a look at some notable health-related upgrades in the Apple Watch’s forthcoming software update:

  • Apple’s upgrading the Watch with menstrual cycle tracking in a move into women’s health. This is likely in part to keep pace with wearable vendor rivals Fitbit and Garmin, both of which already support women’s health tracking, per ZDNet.
  • Apple eased the Watch’s dependence on the iPhone, which should make it easier to market its smartphone as a stand-alone health product. The App Store is launching on the Apple Watch, and Watch apps will no longer require a companion app on the iPhone in order to run the Apple Watch. While this announcement isn’t healthcare-specific, making it easier for non-iPhone users to access the Watch’s full functionality should help Apple sell its devices to prospective health plan, employer, and provider customers.