Rx.Health — the New York-based startup spun out of Mount Sinai Health System — upgraded its digital platform that allows docs to find and prescribe evidence-based digital medicines to include a new note-taking tool that leverages Suki’s AI-enabled voice assistant, MedCity News reports. This marks a shift in product offerings for Rx.Health: The startup previously focused on helping clinicians enhance patient health with innovative therapies, but is now working to address physician burnout. Suki claims that its platform is capable of whittling down the time docs spend crafting and inputting clinical notes into their EHRs — a major driver of burnout — by 70%. Embedding physician-facing products with tools that address doc pain points, like admin headaches, can help Rx.Health attract more business with hospitals: We know doctors aren’t averse to prescribing digital therapies, considering over three-quarters of physicians have recommended digital therapies to patients. So, these docs would likely embrace a platform like Rx.Health’s that facilitates this process. And beefing its platform up with tools that also address note-taking qualms — which all docs can resonate with — could rope in a wider array of customers.