Humana tapped electronics giant Philips to provide the tech for two new remote patient monitoring (RPM) services for select MA members, demonstrating how big insurers’ heightened pursuit of the MA market is opening opportunities for medical device makers. Humana is leveraging Philips’ fall-detection tool — which could slash the time it takes for seniors to get emergency care — as well as its monitoring system for seniors with severe congestive heart failure — a cohort known for high rates of costly hospitalizations.

As private insurers rush to seize control of the swelling MA market, they’d be smart to pursue RPM tech that connects members to care teams quickly and consistently. While they only account for about 16% of the population, adults ages 65 and up account for 36% of all of health spending in the US, per Kaiser Family Foundation — meaning investing in tech that’ll help insurers with large senior bases stave off their share of those costs will become key: MA startup Devoted Health offers the Apple Watch — which is stocked with senior-focused remote monitoring functions — as a benefit, for example.