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The Health and Hype Manifesto

We are a collective of healthcare professionals with over 30+ years of combined experience in the healthcare industry. We decided to create a home where stories that are for and about health care professionals can live and breathe. Health care is something that is of the utmost importance to everyone, yet the information seems at times convoluted and we wanted to fix that.

Our guiding principles are simple: Efficiency, Brevity and Trusted Information.


We want to make reading and consuming content as clean and reader-friendly as possible. We don’t want to disrupt your day, we want to be a part of it and arm you with nuggets of information to keep you informed about the world of health care.


In today’s world, it seems we have less time and more responsibilities. Our content is fluff free and provides information that is truly worthy of your time. The manner in which Steve Jobs approached Apple and stripped away anything that was unnecessary and ultimately left beautiful products, is the same manner in which we will proceed. It’s not about dumbing things down. It’s about explaining how it matters to you and there’s a big difference.

Trusted Information

In the era of “fake news”, fake headlines and flat out untrue stories that dominated the media landscape in recent years, we want to zig while others are zagging. We’re not chasing headlines, we are after providing our readers with the most intelligent news and information available.

Some of the smartest and most trusted minds in healthcare have been employed to use their abilities to put substantive meaningful content in front of you – here and on our growing social media platforms.

We plan on delivering on a very high level. We may not always get it right, but know that we are in the business of big ideas, big ways of thinking and delivering in a big way. We genuinely appreciate each and every one of you for taking the time to make us a part of your day.